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Disassembly of eco-designed helicopter demonstrators


With the future use of thermoplastic composite (TPC) helicopter parts, recycling, repairing and reuse of used composite parts become within reach. In order to recycle used parts of an assembly group the joints have to be detachable.
Disacop will investigate a thermoplastic separation scenario that will allow disassembling the parts of a structure by fusion debonding for recycling. Due to the thermoplastic behavior of the TPC components, the fusion zone can be weakened by temperature. To ensure component separation at the joining interface between the components a special separation layer will be investigated if necessary. The separation is intended to be without degradation of the TPC parts. For economic and environmental reasons the heating will be limited to local heating of the joining zone. The possible joining and separation layer is intended to be used as a heating element as well.
Based on the available demonstrators, Disacop will identify a method to locally apply heat and to debond the assemblies. An energy-efficient technology is induction heating.
The approach is to perform first trials on available coupons and subcomponents from the industrial partners to understand the process effects on real joints. Then the technology will be fine-tuned based on the requirements coming from the industrial partners, first on coupon level. Subsequently, the technology will be scaled up to subcomponents/ validation articles and the demonstrators.

To prove the environmental benefits of the Disacop separation method data for life cycle assessment will be collected, for economic assessment a cost analysis for evaluation has to be made.

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