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Novel MESO-SUPERstructured solar CELLS with enhanced performance and stability


The present proposal focuses on the advanced research training of Dr. T. Stergiopoulos on a novel type of 3rd generation solar cells, promising low cost, ease of fabrication and sustainability, called “Meso-superstructured solar cells” (MSSCs).
MSSCs were very recently invented by Dr. Snaith in Oxford, and their operation stands between inorganic−organic heterojunction and standard solid-state sensitized-solar cells; the novel and revolutionary concept is that alumina replace titania, acting as a meso-scale scaffold upon which the device is structured and a perovskite is responsible for both visible light absorption and efficient electron conduction. The efficiencies of MSSCs lie at the moment at 10.9 %, limited by the low mobility of the organic hole transport material (spirobifluorene) used to regenerate the perovskite.
The proposed research activities aim to make a big step beyond state-of-the-art, realising viable lab-scale devices with efficiencies higher than those of DSCs (>12.4 %) by incorporating fast liquid redox electrolytes in lieu of the low hole mobility spirobifluorene. The expected research results could (i) lead closer towards the commercialization of this new technology, (iii) contribute to the Europe’s continuing research for “clean and efficient energy”, creating reliable “low carbon” solar electricity, and (iv) promote the Excellence of the European Research Area, by building the strongest Photovoltaic research community in the field of 3rd generation solar cells.
The fellow will get an interdisciplinary training on the fabrication and fundamentals of this new class of solar cells, also gaining research expertise in state-of-the-art techniques, such as the Photoinduced Absorption Spectroscopy, and acquire complementary/diversifying skills (technology transfer, IP Protection), which will establish his academic future. His outreach activities shall create awareness in the general public of the importance of the Solar Cell research to society.

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Wellington Square University Offices
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