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Assessment of dermal absorption of organic flame retardant chemicals using 3D-in vitro human skin models


ADAPT is a supradisciplinary study that combines advanced environmental analytical chemistry with state of the art human tissue culture techniques to study the toxicokinetics of human dermal exposure to organic flame retardants (FRs) in indoor dust and domestic products. The overarching hypothesis that current research in this field must test is that FRs present in many consumer goods and building materials are contaminating indoor dust at concentrations that constitute an important pathway of human exposure to these chemicals, at levels that are detrimental to human health. While some studies have reported correlations between FR concentrations in dust and in human tissues, and dermal contact with contaminated dust and consumer products has been highlighted as an important pathway of human exposure to FRs, no information is currently available on the human dermal absorption of these chemicals. This lack of information hinders the development of accurate risk assessment studies. ADAPT aims to fill this major research gap by using novel in vitro methods to study human dermal absorption of various legacy and novel FRs present in indoor dust and consumer products through experiments mimicking real-life exposure scenarios. The results of these experiments will be used to develop an advanced pharmacokinetic (PK) model to further understand the relationship between external human exposure to FRs in indoor environments and human body burdens of these contaminants. ADAPT’s vision is that improved understanding of various aspects of human exposure to FRs will provide for more accurate risk assessment studies which will benefit public health, policy-makers, regulators, and scientists by delivering more effective approaches to monitoring human exposure to such chemicals.

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