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Bilayer Graphene Exciton Polariton


The topic of the project is the investigation of the physics and the applications of exciton polaritons in biased graphene bilayers.
Recent theoretical calculations have shown that excitons in gapped bilayers of graphene are characterized by an extremely intense coupling to light. Coupling graphene bilayers to the photonic mode of a microcavity we thus expect to be able to reach the strong coupling regime, in which the low energy excitations of the system will be given by a new kind of polariton quasiparticle, half graphene interband electronic transition, half microcavity photon.
The aim of the present project is to study the physics of such excitations, both for their fundamental physical interest and for the possibility to exploit them to realize pioneering optoelectronical devices.

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SO17 1BJ Southampton
United Kingdom

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Yan Qiao (Mrs.)
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€ 221 606,40