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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-29

Design of "tailor to made" multifunctional organic materials by molecular modelling of structure property relationship, experimentation and processing


The aim of the project is to develop new multifunctional material for opto-electronic devices based on solid state lighting sources, addressed to several applications and contemporarily, an integrated reactive packaging technology suitable for the material developed and cost effective for the application addressed.

The nanostructured composite organic inorganic material developed will consist on a solid matrix (organic acrylate, or sol-gel hybrid organic inorganic) able to embed different kind of nanoparticles (imetal, metal oxide, semiconductor quantum dots) that will confer to the matrix functionalities depending on their own nature and size. In particular, the functionalities required are: high refractive index, wavelength conversion, high transmittance, thermal and electrical conductive, and barrier properties.

MULTIPRO respond to the concept of the tailor to made, which means that the functionalities above described respond to specific needs of the application addressed which are: lighting device for automotive general illumination. Molecular modelling will be the enabling technology to tailor the material in terms of components necessary for the properties desired. The modelling will cover all aspects of the approach developed in the project; indeed it will be integrated in the pure components preparation, nanoparticles compatibilisation and reactive deposition process.

The approach used in the project represents a breakthrough in multifunctional electronic packaging because foresees a complete integration between material preparation, processing and assembling of the final device. The consortium consist of 9 partners from 3 different EC states and 1 associate state: 4 industrial partners (3 SMEs and 1 industry), 1 industrial research centre, 1 non-profit research institute, and 3 universities. In particular the project will considerably contribute to strengthen ERA bringing together researchers from east Europe and Mediterranean country with EC states.

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