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Inhalt archiviert am 2024-06-25

Nanoscale Quantum Simulations for Nanostructures and Advanced Materials


The ability to invent new functionalities for nanoscale systems and advanced materials, such as quantum dots, biomolecules, and carbon nanowires, and of designing new devices for specific applications depend heavily on our understanding of the excitation under irradiation by light, electron beams or modern photon sources (synchrotrons, ultra-fast lasers), and also of the reaction of the environment to the electronic response. This NANOQUANTA Network of Excellence sets out our plan to integrate and develop the research capabilities of ten European teams in the field of the fundamental science of nanoscale systems and advanced materials, exploiting the now powerful combination of quantum-mechanical theory and computer simulation to make contact with nanoscience experimental studies and also directly with technologically relevant electronic, dynamic and optical processes.

An ambitious reach-out programme is at the heart of our Network, first through dissemination of ideas, theories, algorithms and computer programs to the wider European theory community through publication, workshops, conferences and training (both Internet-based and hands-on), and also through two-way contact with experimental and applied research groups in European universities, research institutions and companies. Our vision can be summarised in the concept of an ongoing "European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility (ETSF)" for nanoscale systems and advanced materials, with strong links with a wide range of research groups, which we shall develop from the collaborative research activity and reach-out initiatives to be established under the NANOQUANTANoE.

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