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In-situ R&D Laboratory for Geological Storage of CO2 (CO2SINK)


Geological sequestration of CO2 provides a means for the EU to significantly reduce its CO2 emissions over the next decades. To address and alleviate potential public concerns about the safety and environmental impact of geological storage, a better understanding of the science of CO2 sequestration is needed. The CO2SINK integrated project aims at developing this basis by injection of CO2 into a saline aquifer underneath the city of Ketzin near Berlin. It involves extensive monitoring of the fate of the injected CO2 using a broad range of geophysical and geochemical techniques, the developing and benchmarking of numerical models, and the definition of risk assessment strategies. All of this is accompanied by a public outreach programme. The Ketzin gas storage site has a number of appealing features: - The existing surface infrastructure can be utilised for CO2SINK which greatly reduces need for new developments. - The geology at the site is known and representative of large parts of Europe, facilitating the transfer of results. - The local political community strongly supports the project, and permitting authorities have been involved in the project definition. The test site, being close to a metropolitan area, provides a unique opportunity to develop a European showcase for onshore CO2 storage. It will accelerate the public acceptance of geological storage of CO2 as a greenhouse gas mitigation option for the benefit of European societies.

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