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Innovative In Situ CO2 Capture Technology for Solid Fuel Gasification (ISCC)


The new process technology proposed is based on steam gasification of low rank, high moisture brown coal, which includes the high temperature removal of CO2 by using high temperature efficient sorbent materials. The combination of both, the gasification and the in situ CO2 capture initiates a shift reaction in product gas composition towards H2. Experiments with different hydrocarbons and dolomite revealed that hydrogen concentrations higher than 95 vol % can be achieved using this technology. The CO2 laden sorbent material has to be regenerated in an additional calcinations step, generating a pure CO2 gas stream for subsequent sequestration. The proposed project aims on exploiting this potential to produce a gas stream in the regeneration process consisting of >95% CO2. The work programme includes the screening of available inputs and required product quality, basic process investigations, pilot scale experiments and technical and socio-economic evaluation considering technical, social, ethical and economic criterions Expected Results are a detailed definition of an environmentally friendly, high efficient coal technology producing a highly H2 enriched product gas and in situ CO2 capture; a detailed technical assessment of process efficiency in terms of energy (coal to H2) and CO2 captured (% of input) and a life cycle assessment of H2 production costs and costs per t of CO2 captured.

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