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Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation (ICNC)


Computational Neuroscience is a new research discipline that is emerging using a multi-disciplinary approach for unravelling the principles that underlie computation and information processing in the brain, and for advancing the construction of intelligent artificial devices. The Hebrew University Interdisciplinary Centre for Neural Computation (ICNC) is the home of a world-renowned group of scientists focusing on the central questions as to "how the brain computes." The Centre supports cutting edge research projects on brain research and leads interactions with industry in the discussion of the implementation of research findings to real-life applications. ICNC provides an inter-face for interactive research in Neurobiology, Physics and Applied Physics Computer Science and Psychophysics with the objective of increasing the understanding of how the brain works with specific focus on computational aspects of the nervous system. ICNC has 'state of the art' facilities for studying and modelling the nervous system at its different levels, from single neuron computation to signal processing in small and large cortical networks, to the system and the behavioural level. The objectives of NEURALCOMP are
{1} to provide European visitors with opportunities to carry out research projects, which will contribute to the development of their personal research capacities
{2} to provide specialist training on NEURALCOMP facilities that are either unique in themselves or in combination or are specially adapted for work in the context of Neural computation and
{3} to enhance the R&D capacities of new and emerging groups through project work of mutual interest. NEURALCOMP will provide 1362 user days for research visitors (mostly at their Ph.D. and early post-doc training period) over the 36 months.
Visitors will receive the full scientific, technical and logistic support needed for their projects to be successful.

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