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Feasibility study for a 'Flying Wafer' concept to implement a European virtual 300mm RandD-Line


This project is part of a joint European activity which targets at inter-linking the European RandD Centres of Excellence in micro and nanotechnologies to a virtual 300mm CMOS RandD line. The core partners include industrial 300 mm research sites and pilot lines as well as the major European RandD institutes Fraunhofer, IMEC and LETI. The goal of this project is to enable, on a short term, the co-operation of the European RandD centres by providing a fast and reliable logistic and infrastructure for exchange and transfer mechanism of 300mm wafers between the RandD sites.

Thus, existing 300mm processing capabilities, newly purchased standard 300 mm equipment and highly innovative alpha or beta site tools finally can be interlinked to a full CMOS RandD line. Furthermore, data about the current status and location of wafers and carriers needs to be tracked, monitored and administrated in a joint database and made securely accessible by all partners via the internet. Demonstrating the feasibility of inter-linking the already existing European RandD Centres of Excellence within the framework of this project should cost-effectively enable in fact the availability of a virtual European 300mm CMOS RandD line as early as 2005/2006.

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