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Inhalt archiviert am 2024-06-16

Nanocrystalline heterosupermolecular materials for optoelectronic applications


Europe has world leading expertise in the fields of both supermolecular photochemistry and optoelectronic applications of nanocrystalline metal oxide films. This programme brings together expertise from both of these fields to adress the development of inn ovative heterosupermolecular devices which combine the specificity and unique functionality of supermolecular chemistry with the nanometer scale strcutural control and ease of integration into electronic devices of nanocrystalline metal oxide electrodes. T he project will be science focused, with specific technological objectives. Key scientific elements of the project will be the synthesis of supermolecular structures designed both to achieve the desired functionality and including binding groups for ligati on to metal oxide surfaces, the self-assembly of these structures on the surface of mesoporous, nanocrystalline films, the electrochemical and photochemical evaluation of the resulting heterosupermolecular systems, and the functional evaluation of these sy stems for technological applications. The project will target the demonstration of four innovative heterosupermolecular devices: ligth emitting diodes, optical data storage devices, magneto-optical data storage devices and electro-optical sensing and switc hes. The proposal will be at the meeting point between supermolecular chemistry, nanostructured inorganic materials science and optoelectronic device physics. It is therefore highly multidisciplinary and involves leading European groups working in organic, inorganic, biology, physical and materials science. This project will develop a critical mass of expertise targeting this innovative approach to optoelectronic devices, allowing Europe to establish a scientific world lead which will form a secure basis fo r technological exploitation.


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