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An industry system enabling the use of a patented materials processing technology for Low Cost forming of Lightweight structures for transportation industries


Development of a New Biaxial Testing System for Generating Forming Limit Diagrams for Sheet Metals Under Hot Stamping Conditions

Autori: Nan Li; Trevor A. Dean; Zhutao Shao; Jianguo Lin
Pubblicato in: Springer Nature 1500 2016
ID permanente: Digital Object Identifier:10.1007/s11340-016-0183-9

An experimental and numerical investigation of the effect of macro-textured tool surfaces in hot stamping

Autori: Jianguo Lin; Kailun Zheng; Denis J. Politis; Trevor A. Dean
Pubblicato in: Springer Verlag (Germany) BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine 2015
ID permanente: Digital Object Identifier:10.1007/s12289-015-1273-4

Development of low-friction and wear-resistant surfaces for low-cost Al hot stamping tools

Autori: D. Formosa; Yangchun Dong; G. Fuentes; Hanshan Dong; Xiaoying Li; J. Fernandez; K. Zoltan
Pubblicato in: EDP Sciences 2015
ID permanente: Digital Object Identifier:10.1051/matecconf/20152105009

Coating-substrate-simulations applied to HFQ ® forming tools

Autori: Jürgen Leopold; Rene Schwarz; Reiner Wohlgemuth
Pubblicato in: EDP Sciences 2015
ID permanente: Digital Object Identifier:10.1051/matecconf/20152105010

Painting of aluminium panels - state of the art and development issues

Autori: Gerald Anyasodor; Zhenhai Xu; Yi Qin
Pubblicato in: EDP Sciences MATEC Web of Conferences, Vol 21, p 05012 (2015) 2015
ID permanente: Digital Object Identifier:10.1051/matecconf/20152105012

Knowledge Based Cloud FE Simulation of Sheet Metal Forming Processes.

Autori: Denis J. Politis; Ailing Wang; Omer El Fakir; Jianguo Lin; Jun Liu; Liliang Wang; Xi Yuan; Du Zhou; Haoxiang Gao
Pubblicato in: Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) Journal of Visualized Experiments : JoVE 2016
ID permanente: PubMed Central ID:PMC5226393; PubMed ID:28060298; Digital Object Identifier:10.3791/53957

Development of an interactive friction model for the prediction of lubricant breakdown behaviour during sliding wear

Autori: Y. Hu; Denis J. Politis; Marc Arthur Masen; Liliang Wang
Pubblicato in: Elsevier 370 2016
ID permanente: Digital Object Identifier:10.1016/j.triboint.2016.11.005

Springback analysis of AA5754 after hot stamping: experiments and FE modelling

Autori: Ailing Wang; Trevor A. Dean; Chaoyang Sun; Kai Zhong; Omer El Fakir; Liliang Wang; Jun Liu; Jianguo Lin
ID permanente: Digital Object Identifier:10.1007/s00170-016-9166-3