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FOResight Coordination for Europe


FORCE will examine previous Security foresight studies and horizon-scanning activities in FP7 and elsewhere in Europe and produce, based on this work, a corresponding Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS), evolvable and scalable with future Foresight research activities conducted in Europe in order to assist policy makers and stakeholders in the Security domain determine expectations about short-term, mid-term and long-term social and technological trends using methodologies and information from past, current and future Foresight research activities. This will allow them to strategically plan for risks related to emerging technologies and social changes in society.
FORCE activities will include:

• Examining outputs from Security projects funded in FP7 and other sources in Europe (Internet, studies, journals etc.) related to foresight and Horizon-scanning activities via: Workshops; interviews; collaboration with national and international foresight networks
• Producing a Foresight model, scalable and sustainable beyond the end of the project, based on best practice methods and recommendations for future application. This will include:
o Mapping identified risks against foresight methodologies
o Assessing used methods and results regarding strengths and weaknesses
o Identification of appropriate methods with respect to mix of methods for future research
o Identifying gaps between potential future risks and methods used so far
• Developing an Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) as an end-user tool that will interface into the Foresight Model. The IDSS will be designed for utilisation by different types of users
• Integration of the IDSS with the Foresight model and testing the integrated system using futuristic scenarios
• Supporting the visibility and the take up of security research results at stakeholder level, especially focusing on the end users, via dissemination of the Foresight model and corresponding IDSS

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