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Personal Transport Advisor: an integrated platform of mobility patterns for Smart Cities to enable demand-adaptive transportation systems

Descrizione del progetto

Integrated personal mobility for smart cities

The aim of this proposal is to develop a service platform that connects the providers and controllers of transport in cities with the travellers in a way that information flows are optimized while respecting and supporting the individual freedom safety and security of the traveller. Cities will get an integrated platform to enable the provision of citizen-centric, demand-adaptive city-wide transportation services. Travellers will get mobile applications that facilitate them in making travel priorities and choices for route and modality. The work will result in a city-wide transportation system comprised of several sub-systems that involve transportation services and policies to be adaptive to the travel demand of the citizens. To achieve this, the platform will fuse different data from various city sources, travel operators and citizens, perform a broad class of predictive analytics, detect the real-time events based on the analytical information and real-time data, and provide information services to the transportation service providers and city stakeholders to optimize the transportation offerings according to the citizens' interests. The envisioned platform will address key research challenges by (a) enabling a coherent model of mobility patterns via the capture of their multi-dimensional, collective, analytical and dynamic aspects, (b) driving the application of this model via incorporation into various transportation services and city-level policy evaluations. The project will pay specific attention to the governance aspects on how to handle the public – private and privacy issues of connecting travellers, cities and transport providers together through such a platform. Three cities with very different use cases will implement and evaluate the platform and will host three demonstrations of a mobile Personal Mobility Advisor app.

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