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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BIRD (BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE RETAIL DATA)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2015-06-01 al 2015-11-30

Intale’s vision can be summarized as: “We connect and unify the Retail Market”. In order to realize this vision, Intale will attempt to disrupt the traditionally operating market of small retail shops (i.e. convenience stores) through the essential transformation of raw transactions data into knowledge and actionable intelligence for all supply chain participants. Intale designs and implements a first-of-a-kind platform, which collects and analyses massive amounts of retail transactions data as a means of offering a range of data-driven services to stakeholders, notably suppliers, FMCG vendors, retailers and ultimately consumers. IntalePoint is the main pillar of our services that provides real time access to the point of sale, where the actual sales transactions occur.

The feasibility study of the BIRD project was destined to explore technical, business and IPR aspects. Hence, the work done in the project has three complementary streams, dealing with the technical and business feasibility analysis of the project, as well as with the IPR roadmap of the project. In particular:
• Business Feasibility Study: As part of this study Intale has: (A) Defined the services that it will offer; (B) Performed market research/analysis; (C) Identified target markets along with the best ways to penetrate them and (D) Elaborated on the company’s business strategy.
• Technical Feasibility Study: As part of this study Intale has: (A) Defined the architecture of its main product (Intale platform); (B) Provided a prototype implementation of core modules of the architecture; (C) Conducted a pilot study where the platform was deployed and operated in the scope of a real-life scenario with one supplier/wholesaler and 46 retail points; (D) Solicited stakeholders’ feedback and documented lessons learnt, which are used to drive the future developments of the Intale platform.
• IPR Study: This part of the study identified the assets that will be protected and the means for ensuring their protection.
In the scope of the BIRD project, Intale has completed a critical milestone of its product development and business expansion roadmap. In particular, BIRD has been devoted to a feasibility study of Intale’s platform and associated data driven services, including both technical/technological and business aspects. The technical part of the feasibility analysis has focused on the real-life pilot deployment of an early implementation of the product, as a means of validating it with the involvement of real-users. This technical feasibility analysis revealed several technical issues and limitations, which Intale is currently addressing as part of revisions and fine-tuning of the early prototype implementation. Moreover, the pilot deployment of Intale’s platform has provided valuable insights regarding the effort of integrating Intale with the enterprise systems of the suppliers.

Likewise the business feasibility analysis explored the business potential of the idea on the basis of a thorough analysis of the market, the identification of target market segments, as well as on the basis of the consolidation of a detailed business plan. As part of this business plan the company aims to accelerate national expansion, and succeed in its international expansion efforts in two countries by the end of 2017. At the same time it has planned to establish its presences in six international markets which have been prioritized as part of the company’s expansion strategy. Intale envisages to attain a rough figure of 120 mil € valuation by 2020, formulate an ever-evolving & consistent offer of interrelated products and data services, focused on innovation & sustainability and establish itself as a major worldwide player in the field of FMCG data analytics.
From raw sales data collected by its user-friendly PoS software, Intale progresses beyond the state-of-the-art to create previously uncaptured market knowledge for research firms and consumer brands targeting solely at the small retail market. Existing ERP and PoS systems in the market offer complex solutions to satisfy the needs of multiple stakeholders and lack mainly in intuitive user experience and interoperability. Currently, no PoS providers or research firms can create the market knowledge the Intale is able to offer to shop owners and consumer brands through unifying all actors in the value chain. Thus, Intale aims to transform retail markets into one transparent & connected marketplace and to provide innovative digital products to both the enterprises and the end-consumers alike.

The market impact of the project is expected to enhance a multi-trillion dollar market, both in developed and developing markets. In specific, it is expected to:
- enhance ordering and supply chain for small retailers around the globe
- provide previously uncaptured business intelligence for FMCG brands and market research firms
- increase sales potential in the retail value chain.
- improve consumer experience
- reduce the carbon footprint of wholesalers in the retail market.
Intale vision of an interconnected small retail market
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