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eKoure: the world´s first wireless stethoscope of the mhealth market.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - eKuore (eKoure: the world´s first wireless stethoscope of the mhealth market.)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2015-05-01 al 2015-10-31

This project has studied the feasibility of develop a negative pre-diagnosis system (it detects non-existence of pathologies in patients) which you can connect to diagnosis devices, starting by eKuore Pro, the first wireless stethoscope of the market.

For this, the following nine points will be studied:

• Analyse the innovative nature of the project
• Determine the market segment to support the project implementation
• Study of the competition
• Study of the market price
• Sales and marketing strategy
• Evaluation of the different business models and preparation of a detailed financial plan
• Risk assessment
• Search for estrategic alliances and establish partner agreements
• Study of intellectual property rights
Examination of the main points of the Project, mentioned above, has concluded the following:

•After studying the product acceptance by the customers, it was detected that most of them positively value smart devices able to make a pre-diagnosis. Based on this idea, during the feasibility study, the company has decided to advance the future proposal of the negative pre-diagnosis system and focus the project on it, together with devices as eKuore Pro.

•Another main point has been the study of the market size, which has demonstrated that initial targets (cardiologist and pulmonologist) are not the best niche since new ones as primary care physicians, internists and nurses are bigger niches and more interested about the product. So in conclusion, the market focus has been decided to change in this point.

•Additionally, initial proposal about marketing and sales channels has been confirmed, and even in the case this is not a new discovery of the study, confirm the path to follow in the next phase of the project.

•The need of searching strategic partners has been revealed to be executed on the next phase of the project. The most prominent needed partners are investigation groups for the comparison engine and medical distributors for the commercialization of the products.

•And finally, after studying IPR, the impossibility of register in new countries has been detected, so this point was reoriented to cover the needs about regulatory issues and a fast go-to-market strategy has been deduced as the best way to position in the market due to the absence of competitors today.
As a final result of the study, the feasibility of the project concludes positively and the company aims to execute it since this very moment.

It is expected that the project takes two years to be implemented and instantly be launched to the market after. Meanwhile, an structure between 15 and 20 people are expected to participate in the project through the diferent stages.

And in the same way, forecasts say that the product will have a good reception in the market taking into account potential advantages for both users, doctors and patients, based on the saving of visits to hospital or referrals to specialist doctors, with the consequent saving of money this means.
Future aspect of eKuore Pro and packaging