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CliniSenz(TM) - A Cost-effective Biosensor for Automatic Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - CliniSenz (CliniSenz(TM) - A Cost-effective Biosensor for Automatic Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2015-06-01 al 2015-11-30

Senzime AB is a med tech company which has identified within our target market the need of health care providers to be able to track blood glucose levels continuously. This need is not currently being met in a cost effective and practical way by existing products in the market. To overcome these deficiencies, we have developed the CliniSenz™ system. This is a continuous blood glucose monitoring system with innovative features and functionality which in turn creates performance advantages of being more sensitive, specific and continuous which in turn has generated real commercial customer benefits.
Based on our vision to become the leading provider of biomarker evaluation systems, we are exploiting an existing core technology to embark on a new strategy of growth.
To this end we have secured our feasibility study by evaluating several aspects of the system including further development and production activities, requirements for the clinical study, commercialising and launching the CliniSenz™ system. This has also given us the opportunity to establish third party collaborations for this project and future projects.
Senzime AB has executed a feasibility study that verified both the technological and practical viability of the CliniSenz™ system. We have also determined the economic aspects of such innovative concept that is novel to our target customer segment and assessed that such a system like CliniSenz™ will be more cost-effective for the health care system.
We will – in collaboration with our partners – assess CliniSenz™ in the context of clinical evaluations as well as further development. This will lead us to the production and commercialisation of a new product in the market and supplement our product portfolio. Our challenge is to cultivate a new medical technical product that can visualise biomarkers widely used in clinical practice to describe both normal and pathological conditions in patients whom are of need of continuous follow-up of important physiological parameters such as glucose. Our project will bring better health outcomes while contributing to the sustainability of the health care system.
Our Phase 1 feasibility study verifies the quality and potential of the CliniSenz™ system and hence concludes that it is worth proceeding with Phase 2 project aiming at the upcoming new calls.