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Periodic Reporting for period 1 - CleanTechBlock (CleanTechBlock)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2015-07-01 al 2015-11-30

The building sector contributes with about 40% of total energy consumption in Europe, thus holding an immense potential for
contribution towards CO2 emission reduction and energy savings. Graasten Brickworks aims to address this potential and
gain access to a major market opportunity through the development of an innovative building material – CleanTechBlock -
which will enable a paradigm shift within the construction process and recycling in Europe.
The feasibility study was carried out as planned and the phase 2 project will slightly changed objectives are being prepared based on the phase 1 results.
Our vision is to take the final steps of technological development and maturation towards industrial scale production of
CleanTechBlock leveraging on the opportunity provided by the SME instrument. Besides giving the participating company
a technological leap with the consequent competitive advantage and export potential, the project will strengthen GB´s
position in the clean-building materials field and assist Europe in achieving objectives for environmental and energy policy,
both in terms of waste recycling and general reduction of CO2 emissions.
CleanTechBlock patented multifunctional sandwich-block