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Support to aerodynamic analysis and design of propellers of a compound helicopter


Final dissemination and exploitation report

Report on the workshops and a list of publication

Description of the website and sharepoint functionality

Contents and structures of the website and sharepoint facility are described

Program and invitation list to the workshop

Tentative webinar and workshop program and list of participants

First workshop report

Outcome and lessons learned from the webinar

Propeller design optimization method

CFD method and numerical results of the isolated propeller design


Aerodynamic Installation Effects of Lateral Rotors on a Novel Compound Helicopter Configuration

Autoren: T. Stokkermans, M. Voskuijl, L. Veldhuis, B. Soemarwoto, R. Fukari, P. Eglin
Veröffentlicht in: AHS International 74th Annual Forum & Technology Display, 2018
Herausgeber: Vertical Flight Society