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THALEA II - Telemonitoring and Telemedicine for Hospitals Assisted by ICT for Life saving co-morbid patients in Europe As part of a Patient personalised care program of the EU

Risultati finali

Call publication and follow-up

Call publication and followup After agreement on procedure and publication of prior information notice the call will be published and tenders will be collected As evaluation of processes is crucial for success periodic reports will be written about progress problems and achievements within this WP They will assess the products as well as general procedures within the WP month 51

Call for tender documents

Call for tender documents The call for tender documents including the contract notice invitation to tender and the procurement contracts will be delivered to the European Commission in order to get reviewed by PCP and legal experts in month six The final call for tender documents will be delivered in month 47 to the start of the call for tender Month 51

Functional specification

Functional specifications final product book By means of research and collection of requirements mentioned by consortium partners relying on their experience a first version of functional requirements will be developed It will be finalized after reviewing all incoming specifications from different partners These specifications are crucial for developing advanced products and should therefore be developed under special attention After reviewing functional specifications and gathering feedback from all consortium partners a final product book will be developed This will function as a guide for suppliers in creating products applicable to these specifications In order to assess incoming tenders a matrix will be developed by the consortium which specifies necessary characteristics of the product A matrix is fundamental to be able to make an objective assessment and evaluate tenders with the same instrument Month 35

Project dissemination: Publications and meetings according communication and dissemination plan

Project dissemination Publications and meetings according communication and dissemination plan according to the communication and disseminations plan which describes the communication strategy its implementation and the supporting activities and toolsinstruments The plan will focus on the interaction of the Projectwith the environment target groups in particularAtailored communication strategy to different target groups comprises for instance project brochure a project web page publications in scientific papers Month 18

Networking and coordination report

Networking and coordination report In order to present an overview of the activities during the course of work package six a final report will be delivered to the European Commission The participation at relevant meetings and workshops as well as other communication and networking activities will be listed in a structured way This will give a clear impression of performed activities Month 61

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