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Partnership for New Energy Leadership 2050


The aim of PANEL 2050 project is to create durable and replicable sustainable energy networks at local (municipality/community) level, where relevant local stakeholders collaborate for the creation of a local energy visions, strategies and action plans for the transition towards low carbon communities in 2050. The PANEL 2050 project will focus on the creation of these sustainable local energy networks in CEE countries, where this type of networks at local level is almost completely absent and therefore additional support is needed for the creation of the first successful local energy networks that have the potential to set an example and a new standard for local energy road mapping in other local communities in the CEE region. Furthermore, the PANEL 2050 project will not choose a specific focus on a certain type of stakeholder, but will try to work at the local level and assemble all relevant and available stakeholders related to sustainable energy. The number and type of stakeholders will vary very much in different local settings and the ambition of this project is to create sustainable energy networks at local level that will connect and involve all relevant stakeholders that are present at local level into the local policy development and implementation. At present, the involvement of local shareholders in local policy development in any field in CEE countries is very limited and the aim of this project is to create durable sustainable energy networks in a number of local communities in different CEE countries that will also be a replicable example that can be spread to other communities in CEE countries. Introducing stakeholder concept to energy planning will help generate sustainable energy policies and create more sustainable future for Europe.

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