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IonoChem: A new and highly efficient cross membrane drug delivery strategy

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - IonoChem (IonoChem: A new and highly efficient cross membrane drug delivery strategy)

Berichtszeitraum: 2015-09-01 bis 2016-02-29

Many drugs are designed to target molecules inside cells. Due to the hydrophobic nature of the cell membranes however not all types of drugs can enter the cells in sufficient quantities to be effective.
Ionovation’s proprietary IonoChem technology provides a novel and highly effective solution to this problem by adding lipophilic “tails” directly to drugs and drug candidates that allow them to pass through cell membranes. Bioavailability is thus increased, and drugs become more efficient. The results from the phase I activities have confirmed Ionovation’s assumption with regard to the high market demand for the intended application and the attractiveness of Ionovation’s offering.
The objectives for the Phase I study included (1) The analysis of customer needs, (2) the refinement of the business model (in-house GMP production vs. outsourcing to contract manufacturing), (3) search for a contract manufacturer and (4) elaboration of a business plan.
In order to reach these objectives Ionovation conducted interviews with experts from the field and complemented the information with internet and database searches. . Based on the results of the phase I project Ionovation developed a 2-step business model: Step 1 includes the launch of the lipophilization services business (which will be the result of the phase II project), which will primarily focus on local and topical applications of RNAi/microRNA drugs (as opposed to systemic administration); step 2 is the development of proprietary drug candidates with clinical phase I/II studies as an endpoint for sale of the assets to pharma and biotech companies.
The interviews and the searches confirmed that there is a high medical need for effective and safe drug delivery techniques for RNAi, that IonoChem’s approach is a unique alternative to currently pursued nano particle and receptor-based preparations, and that IonoChem technology could thus be a game-changer for drug delivery and the RNAi drug market.
Ionovation's toolbox to fine-tune lipophilic properties