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Remote Tower for Multiple Airports


"Cost-effectiveness, clearly described in the topic SESAR.IR-VLD.Wave1-08-2015 as the main key performance area (KPA), is the principal KPA addressed by “PJ05 Remote Tower” project. It proposes the development of a remotely provided aerodrome air traffic service by a ""multiple"" and/or ""center"" setting. Those settings help to combine ATS services from various aerodromes in a centralized control room independent on airport location in order to make use of the valuable resource ATS provider more efficiently. “Single” remote tower settings have already been deployed in former project, but most significant impacts in cost-effectiveness are to be expected with multiple and/or center settings that was only partly covered so far and needs immediate development effort to deploy it short term. PJ05 will bring the multiple/center concept to a higher matured level. In the end, the passengers will benefit from: More cost-effective aerodrome ATS would allow rural, less frequented airports to work cost-effective and to keep them in operations or even to increase the service levels for more day hours operations or even to upgrade non-controlled to controlled airports. All this would contribute to a better passenger comfort in terms of shorter travel times and better point to point connections.
The PJ05 aim attracted plenty of European organisations to participate: ANSPs, industries, R&D and airport stakeholder intends to provide their specific competences to broaden the operational needs and technological expertises. The PJ05 variety of partners and validation activities will help to adequately reflect the variety of operational needs and technical solutions which in the end of the project will consolidate into a harmonized and widely accepted SESAR2020 PJ05 solution. The complete work is structured in a very collaborative way throughout all work packages and will ensure the transfer of knowledge and know-how between all participants and external to SESAR2020 projects.


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