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Microelements in Life Expectancy and Aging

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International Workshop Proceedings

Proceedings of the international workshop on metal transport in cellular models in Havana organized by INHEM.


Breastfeeding and the effects on post-natal growth and cardiometabolic risk markers at 1 year of age in Jamaican infants

Autori: Whyte S.
Pubblicato in: 2021
Editore: The University of the West Indies

Analysis of leaves and seeds of moringa oleifera grown in Jamaica for biomedical purposes: water purification, nutritional product formulations and oxidative stress alleviation. (Ph.D. Thesis)

Autori: Wright, R.
Pubblicato in: 2021
Editore: The University of the West Indies

Evaluation of Fat-Free Mass as a Proxy for Appendicular Skeletal Mass for Use in the Assessment of Sarcopenia (Ph.D. Thesis).

Autori: Chambers B.
Pubblicato in: 2023
Editore: The University of the West Indies

Significance of copper homeostasis in pathophysiology of human aortic vascular smooth muscle cells: role in calcification and cell migration. (Ph.D. Thesis)

Autori: Orlov I.
Pubblicato in: 2023
Editore: Université de Picardie Jules Verne

Zinc deficiency promotes endothelin secretion and endothelial cell migration through nuclear hypoxia-inducible factor-1 translocation.

Autori: Morand J., Briancon A., Lemarie E., Gonthier B., Arnaud J., Korichneva I. and Godin-Ribuot D.
Pubblicato in: American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology, Numero 317(2), 2019, Pagina/e C270-C276, ISSN 1522-1563
Editore: APS
DOI: 10.1152/ajpcell.00460.2018

Can cardiomyocytes bypass the “Ca2+-induced Ca2+ -release” mechanism?

Autori: Luo S., Benitah J-P., Gómez A-M.
Pubblicato in: Cardiovascular Research, Numero In Press, 2024, ISSN 0008-6363
Editore: Elsevier BV

EPAC1 inhibition protects the heart from doxorubicin-induced toxicity

Autori: Mazevet M., Belhadef A., Ribeiro M., Dayde D., Llach A., Laudette M., Belleville T., Mateo P., Gressette M., Lefebvre F., Chen J., Bachelot-Loza C., Rucker-Martin C., Lezoualch F., Crozatier B., Benitah J-P., Vozenin M-C., Fischmeister R., Gomez A-M., Lemaire C. and Morel E.
Pubblicato in: eLife, Numero 12:e83831, 2023, Pagina/e 1-21, ISSN 2050-084X
Editore: eLife Sciences Publications
DOI: 10.7554/elife.83831

Impaired Binding to Junctophilin-2 and Nanostructural Alteration in CPVT Mutation

Autori: Yin L., Zahradnikova A., Rizzetto R., Boncompagni S., Meritens C.R., Zhang Y., Joanne P., Marqués-Sulé E., Villejoubert O., Yue L.L., Wang Y.Y., Mateo P., Nicolas V., Gerbaud P., Lai A., Perrier R., Álvarez J.L., Niggli E., Valdiva H.H., Valdiva C.R., Ramos-Franco J., Zorio E., Zissimopoulos S., Protasi F., Benitah J-P. and Gómez M.
Pubblicato in: Circulation Research, Numero 129(3), 2021, Pagina/e e35-e52, ISSN 0009-7330
Editore: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Ltd.
DOI: 10.1161/circresaha.121.319094

Dual effect of cardiac FKBP12.6 overexpression on excitation-contraction coupling and the incidence of ventricular arrhythmia depending on its expression level

Autori: Gandon-Renard M, Val-Blasco A., Oughlis C., Gerbaud P., Lefebvre F., Gomez S., Journé C., Courilleau D., Mercier-Nomé F., Pereira L., Benitah J-P., Gómez A.M., Mercadier J.J.
Pubblicato in: Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, Numero 188, 2024, Pagina/e 15-29, ISSN 1095-8584
Editore: Academic Press
DOI: 10.1016/j.yjmcc.2024.01.003

Vortex states in a PbTiO$_3$ ferroelectric cylinder

Autori: Svitlana Kondovych; Maksim Pavlenko; Yurii Tikhonov; Anna Razumnaya; Igor Lukyanchuk
Pubblicato in: SciPost Physics, Numero 14, 056, 2023, ISSN 2542-4653
Editore: SciPost Foundation
DOI: 10.21468/scipostphys.14.3.056

Circadian regulation of CaV1.2 expression by RORα in the mouse heart

Autori: Personnic E., Gerard G., Poilbout C., Jetten A.M., Gomez A.M., Benitah J-P., Perrie R.
Pubblicato in: BioRxiv, Numero In Press, 2024
Editore: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
DOI: 10.1101/2024.01.15.575657


Autori: Arredondo M., Gonzalez M. and Latorre M.
Pubblicato in: Trace Elements and Minerals in Health and Longevity, 2018, Pagina/e 35-62, ISBN 978-3-030-03742-0
Editore: Springer
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-03742-0_2


Autori: Beattie J.H., Malavolta M. and Korichneva I.
Pubblicato in: Trace Elements and Minerals in Health and Longevity, 2018, Pagina/e 99-131, ISBN 978-3-030-03741-3
Editore: Springer
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-03742-0

Zn permeability through TRPM7 and regulation by growth factor in cancer cells.

Autori: Korichneva I.
Pubblicato in: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Numero 18, 2017, Pagina/e 2518, ISSN 1661-6596
Editore: Basel: MDPI Center, 2000-

The association of muscle mass and muscle strength with biomarkers in elderly urban Jamaicans.

Autori: Chambers B, Badaloo AV, Reid M, Turner D.
Pubblicato in: West Indian Medical Journal, Numero 69 (suppl. 2), 2021, Pagina/e 22, ISSN 2309-5830
Editore: University of the West Indies

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