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Collaborative OWA robots for drilling and fasteners insertion in assembly lines

Project description

Robots to facilitate aircraft assembly

In the vast realm of aerospace, aircraft assembly faces great challenges that need to be overcome. The EU-funded CORDIAL project has a solution – a compact drilling and fastening unit. With one-way assembly at its core, this innovative effector promises groundbreaking cooperation between operators and lightweight collaborative robots, reshaping the aeronautics landscape. Defining new interaction methods, exploring assembly layouts, and developing automated effectors are just a few of the project’s sub-objectives. CORDIAL will tackle this colossal hurdle head-on, aligning with Clean Sky 2 objectives and also driving eco-friendly processes.


The overall objective of the CORDIAL project is to develop a new compact drilling and fastening unit for One Way Assembly. The effector has to be used by operator or lightweight industrial robots. Six sub-objectives contribute to achieve such a goal:
- To define how robots and operators can interact in an OWA cell.
- To evaluate a typical assembly layout and endeavour new OWA opportunities and risks assessment.
- To develop compact automated effector(s) for drilling, fastening and counteracting
- To establish a test plan according to requirements for commercial aircraft structures.
- To demonstrate the technology, realize specimens and test the proof of concept under real conditions.
- To disseminate the results widely to maximise the impacts of the CORDIAL project.

To complete the project, the capabilities of the partners include:
-SONACA Engineering, industrialization, qualifying and manufacturing means for small subassemblies such as slats of landing gear doors, including composite manufacturing.
-AEROSPLINE innovative engineering in robotics and drilling and fastening effectors. Including innovative fastener with sealant feeding, which permits to simplify and lighten any effector.
-XLIM Advanced sensor vision technologies using small size vision sensors and capable of multiple information computation: coordinate positioning, centring, normality, hole and fastener quality.

The CORDIAL project is perfectly in line with the Clean Sky 2 objectives since it will contribute to develop eco-friendly processes (reduction of the impacts on health, creation of sustainable capabilities), to demonstrate new technologies (human/robot close collaboration in the aeronautics, new structures design), improve the European competitiveness (lighten the assembly process, cost reduction and shorten time-to-market) and create market opportunities (technology transfers, innovation stimulation and attraction of elite in Europe) and new skilled jobs like cobotics engineering.


Net EU contribution
€ 346 568,75
33520 BRUGES

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine Aquitaine Gironde
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Total cost
€ 346 568,75

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