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Media Literacy for Unaccompanied Refugee Youth - A Path to Integration


Wishful Thinking and Real Outcomes: Teaching Media literacy to Marginalised Children

Author(s): Zezulkova, Marketa & Neag, Annamaria
Published in: Media Education Research Journal, Issue 9.1., 2019, ISSN 2040-4530
Publisher: Auteur

Board Games as Interview Tools: Creating a Safe Space for Unaccompanied Refugee Children

Author(s): Annamária Neag
Published in: Media and Communication, Issue 7/2, 2019, Page(s) 254, ISSN 2183-2439
Publisher: Cogitatio
DOI: 10.17645/mac.v7i2.1817

Unaccompanied Refugee Children and Media Literacy: Doing Media Education Research on the Margins

Author(s): Neag, Annamária
Published in: The Handbook on Media Education Research, 2020
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

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