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The King’s City: A Comparative Study of Royal Patronage in Assur, Nineveh, and Babylon in the First Millennium BCE


“Divine Foundations: Religion and Assyrian Capital Cities”

Autori: Shana Zaia
Pubblicato in: As Above, So Below, 2021
Editore: Eisenbrauns-Pennsylvania State University Press

“Protecting the King in Mesopotamia in the First Millennium BCE: Perspectives from the Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian Empires”

Autori: Shana Zaia
Pubblicato in: Warfare in the Ancient Mediterranean World, 2022
Editore: Brill

“The Cosmic Front: War and its Impact on Religion in the Neo-Assyrian Empire (c. 1000-610 BCE)”

Autori: Shana Zaia
Pubblicato in: Religion and War from Antiquity to Early Modernity: Historical Variations across the Mediterranean, Near East, and Europe, 2021
Editore: Bloomsbury Academic