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Developing a Non-Invasive Kit for Early Colorectal Cancer Detection

Risultati finali

Final report on patient monitoring and clinical validation

Final version of results of patients monitored, including results of molecular analysis and statistical analysis

Second progress report on patient monitoring and clinical validation

update of the report of patients including results of molecular anañysis

Research data management plan

Data management plan, following the ec templates and recomendations

PEDR. Exploitation Plan

Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of the results, description of the exploitation strategy, its implementation as well as market findings of the project

Final User’s technical protocol

Technical protocol for users

Final Dissemination and Communication Plan

Updated version of deliverable D5.3.1- 1st Dissemination and Communication Plan. fianl versión of the communication plan

Report on hospital staff training

materials to train staff in hospitals, laboratories, etc

Third progress report on patient monitoring and clinical validation

Upfate of the results obtained in pacients monitored including the clinical validation

Report on laboratory staff training

Training materials target in the laboratory personal participating in this project

Communication activities

Final report of communication activities donne

Brochure with Specifications and a Protocol for ColoFast as LDT test.

LDT test produced and validated by laboratory for its use in clinical trials

Short video

Update of the

Project Website- doaim including the most relevat information related to the project

Product factsheet

promotional materials, related to colofast