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SILKNOW. Silk heritage in the Knowledge Society: from punched cards to big data, deep learning and visual / tangible simulations


Design of SILKNOW ontology and the ontology

Report with the technical design of the SILKNOW ontology. The entities, properties, axioms of the SILKNOW ontology will be described in this document. This deliverable will also include the implementation of the SILKNOW ontology developed in an OWL based format.

Report about the project’s scientific results and interdisciplinary synergies

Report with the description of the new synergies created among project stakeholders, both from ICT and SSH fields. This report will basically summarize the technical and scientific results presented in journals and conferences, as well as in the dissemination workshops, highlighting interdisciplinary results.

Report about online campaigns, educational materials and exhibition

4 promotional campaigns (months 6, 18, 24 and 36) will be carried out through IC channels: massive electronic mailings, coordinated presence in all of the IC’s websites (including those of its 87 centers in 44 countries worldwide), social media accounts… They will complement their foreign language teaching units based, and the exhibition about SILKNOW as a tool for a richer interpretation of European heritage, shown at 5 IC centers in European countries. A document will fully report about the impact of these communications, dissemination and exploitation activities.

Historical silk multilingual thesaurus

Report with the controlled vocabulary related to silk, in the project’s four languages. Terms will be structured, indicating their meaning and relationship with the model defined in Task 2.1.

Dissemination plan, unabridged version

The version of the plan included in this document has been shortened, due to extension constraints. An unabridged version will be formulated to serve as a template for day-to-day operations. It will be updated throughout the project timespan as required by future developments.

Media coverage reporting on SILKNOW and its outcomes, and other promotional materials

Press-clipping from international fashion media coverage of the project, as explained in Task 8.4. The promotional materials prepared by the project (press kit, video and images for social media, desktop wallpapers, leaflets, posters…) will be here also reported. For instance, 12 newsletters will be sent during the project lifespan, to an esteemed minimum of 100 email addresses. The website will allow any interested person to subscribe. Additional subscribers will be actively sought after by project partners among their professional networks.

Specifications about IPR and knowledge management

Report dealing with the IPR strategy and knowledge management. This report will be aligned with the Consortium Agreement that will regulate all project policies regarding IPR management, as explained in section and Task 8.1.

Project Quality Handbook

This document, to which all partners will contribute, will define the project success indicators, communication management, reporting, risk management and quality management plans.

Testing report in a real scenario

Technical report with the evaluation result of the classification system performed in the Task 7.2. This report will contain its errors, the needed classification improvements, and whether they are going to be solved or not.

Functional evaluation report

Technical report with the result of the evaluation of functional and stress test developed on the system. This report will also point to the weak points of the system and how to upgrade it for improving the efficiency.

Communication plan, unabridged version

The version of the plan included in this document has been shortened, due to extension constraints. An unabridged version will be formulated to serve as a template for day-to-day operations. It will be updated throughout the project timespan as required by future developments.

Tutorial for SSH and fashion / design schools on using SILKNOW for teaching purposes

This resource for project-based learning assignments will be developed with participating schools’ staff.

Policy brief of the 2nd reporting period

Policy brief of the 2nd reporting period.

Report about small museums becoming data providers for Europeana

A report or publication about the main requirements and advantages for cultural heritage institutions, in order to make their digital collections more sustainable and accessible, by collaborating with Europeana as data providers. It will be based on the experiences of the interested institutions doing so thanks to SILKNOW’s training and support.

Testing report in a controlled scenario

Technical report with the evaluation result of the classification system performed in the Task 7.1. This report will be developed during the task execution, it will contain the system errors, the needed classification improvements, and when are they solved.

Ontology web server

The web server application that supports the management of the SILKNOW ontology and its data. This deliverable will also contain a document with software design of the server. This document will expose the structure of the web server, the tools used for supporting the ontology management and the web server application, and the web service based API.

Policy brief of the 1st reporting period

Policy brief of the 1st reporting period

Production of 3D printed textiles for IC and the Creative industries

A set of 3D printed clothes and all the document and files used by its creation, the artist design, the CAD files and a document that exposes the elaboration process (steps, pieces’ joining, etc.). For reporting and evaluation of the fashion event, see D7.5.

SILKNOW website and social media accounts

The main online presence of the project will be the website, giving access to the searchable interface of the thesaurus, the visualization tools, all documents generated throughout the project and an intranet for partners and collaborating institutions. Social media accounts in the main networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, SlideShare) will serve as tools for audiences’ engagement.

Data interchange application

This deliverable will include the application developed in task 6.2, as well as a report about the manual export task performed by CH partners.

Visualization and deployable components

The development of the visualization and deployable components developed in task 5.5. This task will also include a technical report with the software design of these components.

System documentation

HTML report with multimedia material with the user manual of the web accessible multilingual thesaurus.



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SILKNOW Knowledge Graph

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Veröffentlicht in: Zenodo