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Modular Electric Drivetrains


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Innovative and Highly Integrated Modular Electric Drivetrain

Author(s): Jonas Hemsen, Daniel Kieninger, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. L. Eckstein, Mathias R. Lidberg, Dr. ir. H. Huisman, Prof. Dr. E.A. Lomonova, Daniel Oeschger, Charley Lanneluc, Olivier Tosoni, Patrick Debal, Michael Ernstorfer, Rémi Mongellaz
Published in: 2019

Feasibility Study of Multi-Phase Machine Winding Reconfiguration for Fully Electric Vehicles

Author(s): B. Daniels, J. Gurung, H. Huisman, E.A. Lomonova
Published in: EVER 2019 Conference, 2019

DC-Bus capacitors influence in a GaN Motor Drive Inverter

Author(s): Charley LANNELUC, Pierre PERICHON, Dominique BERGOGNE
Published in: 2019