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The World Health Organization considers the antibiotic resistance as one of the three greatest threats to human health for the next decades. The farm sector is the major user of these medicines due to the great benefits for animal production. Therefore, there is a high risk to find contaminated food with antibiotic residues. The impact of misuse and wrong control of antibiotics constitutes a great social, economic and technological burden for the UE. Antibiotic resistance causes 25.000 deaths per year in Europe.

According to EU legislation all food operators are responsible for food safety. Current antibiotic detection systems in milk are designed for qualified analysts and are manually operated. Test4all is a simple, automatic and an affordable system which makes milk testing accessible to all operators.

Our company ZEULAB, with more than 16 years offering innovative solutions in this field, has developed this novel antibiotics detection system. Test4all is the first automatic system that makes the results available in real time. These unique features will allow farmers to do easy self-controls before supplying the milk and dairies to screen antibiotics during the milk transport in trucks. Test4all is based on the combination of high sensitive biological test with a portable device controlled by a smartphone App that transfer the results to a secure cloud network. Farmers and dairies will check data anytime anywhere.

This project will place ZEULAB in the forefront of a potential market of millions of tests that will allow our company to grow at least 7 times (25 M€ of sales, 25Mi€ of cumulative profits and 90% of exports) in the next 5 years. This growth is based on the 600.000 EU farmers and 12.000 dairy plants. The current strong distributor network of ZEULAB presents in more than 40 countries will be the driver of the fast market introduction.

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