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Wound healing ILYA-style


An updated plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results

D 6.2: An updated plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results [M12], Deliverable type: R


Engineered bacteria to accelerate wound healing: an adaptive, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, first-in-human phase 1 trial

Autoren: Emelie Öhnstedt Evelina Vågesjö Andreas Fasth Hava Lofton Tomenius Pia Dahg Sofia Jönsson Nisha Tyagi Mikael Åström Zhanar Myktybekova Lovisa Ringstad Margareth Jorvid Peter Frank Per Hedén Stefan Roos Mia Phillipson
Veröffentlicht in: eClinicalMedicine a Lancet Science and Discovery Journal, 2023, ISSN 2589-5370
Herausgeber: eClinicalMedicine
DOI: 10.1016/j.eclinm.2023.102014

Accelerated wound healing in mice by on-site production and delivery of CXCL12 by transformed lactic acid bacteria

Autoren: Evelina Vågesjö, Emelie Öhnstedt, Anneleen Mortier, Hava Lofton, Fredrik Huss, Paul Proost, Stefan Roos, Mia Phillipson
Veröffentlicht in: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Ausgabe 115/8, 2018, Seite(n) 1895-1900, ISSN 0027-8424
Herausgeber: National Academy of Sciences
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1716580115

The discovery and development of topical medicines for wound healing

Autoren: E. Öhnstedt, H. Lofton Tomenius, E. Vågesjö, M. Phillipson
Veröffentlicht in: Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery, Ausgabe 14/5, 2019, Seite(n) 485-497, ISSN 1746-0441
Herausgeber: Informa Healthcare
DOI: 10.1080/17460441.2019.1588879

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