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Europe's Transformation: Where People Matter

Project description

Conference to make Europe sustainable

Europe is on a path towards a sustainable way of life. This will be the topic of discussion at a conference organised by the Council of the European Union Presidency in 2018. The EU-funded EUtrsfWPM project will organise the conference under the Environment Agency Austria (EAA) (Umweltbundesamt GmbH) in close collaboration with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism and the ‘Growth in Transition’ Steering Committee as well as 31 stakeholder organisations. The conference programme will be broad in scope to include as many pressing issues as possible. Conference topics will range from social aspects to the role of business in a low-carbon transition to the implementation of the circular economy.


The project will organise the presidency event (conference) “Europe’s Transfomation: Where People Matter” in Vienna, Austria, November 2018. It encompasses the operational and strategic work required to host this event, including Innovation and Content Management (e.g. collaboration with stakeholders to jointly design the conference programme); the Conference Logistics (e.g. organising a venue and the registration process); and Dissemination and Exploitation of the conference outcomes (e.g. setting up a conference website and collaborating with media). With regard to the wider context of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, the overall aim of the conference is to foster an improved synergy between pertinent initiatives launched by the Commission and by the Member States, to the benefit of the overall coherence of actions within the field of research and innovation in the areas covered by Societal Challenge 5.


Net EU contribution
€ 200 000,00
Other funding
€ 0,00