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Berichtszeitraum: 2019-05-01 bis 2021-04-30

Building structures and public infrastructures are constantly under test of their integrity and functionality. Aging, extreme weather conditions and any mishap problems could trigger the structure damage and corruption, causing disturbance to structure utility, economic loss and catastrophes. Under such circumstances, establishing an effective and cost-efficient monitoring, risks assessments and maintenance for the structures and infrastructures is necessary.
MORPHOSENSE solution by deploying sensor networks, system NEURON on the structures and leveraging its patented algorithms and newly-developed A.I; we provide real-time monitoring of the civil engineering static and dynamic indicators of the structures. Working with different structures owner and engineering experts, MORPHOSENSE is aiming to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the structure maintenance, reducing the O&M cost, eliminate the risk of structure damage or failure.
Under this H2020 project frame, MORPHOSENSE team had set follow specific demonstrator targets (pilot sites) to promote progress towards the overall objectives.
Technical target, MORPHOSENSE team would design an upgrade new version of system NEURON, V2. This new version will be at state-of-the-art of SHM technologies and adapted to any infrastructures, such as bridges, dams, offshore wind turbines, large vessels, oil and gas platforms and so on. Further, the team would establish an industrialized production procedure where every process would be done towards obtaining ISO9001 certification and CE marking.
Business development target is based on technical target that we would search over the world for pilot sites to demonstrate V2 System NEURON. Those demonstrations cases will give a platform where MORPHOSENSE showcase its innovation solution and outstanding performances. By search and identify those pilot sites, MORPHOSENSE team could establish customer bases and networking in different markets, gain visibility and accelerate its market access.
Following the pilot site target, MORPHOSENSE will also harvest a data base with all monitoring data of various structures. This precious data base will be the starting point of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) algorithms developments. By continuous investments in A.I. development, MORPHOSENSE NEURON system will go beyond monitoring classical indicators and constitute a modeled proactive structure maintenance.
From the beginning of the project, MORPHOSENSE team has following progress:
An upgrade version of system NEURON, V2 has been fully designed, tested and characterized. The key upgraded features include cybersecurity integration, off the shelf sensors interoperability, remote control and supervision platform. With these significant transformations, V2 is at state-of-the-art of SHM technologies and adapted to any infrastructures. Following the V2 prototype, we kick off the industrialization of the product. The pre-series has been produced and tested, the first batch are under production and will be ready for the second sets of pilot sites starting September 2019. The force for the industrialization is on quality control, working towards obtaining CE marking, ATEX Level 1 certification and ISO9001 certification.
The progress of the V2 system NEURON allow pilot sites to be identify and deployed. Up to today, MORPHOSENSE team has completed 5 pilot sites: 1 bridge in Canada, 1 bridge in Taiwan, 1 bridge in France, 1 offshore Monopile in Belgium, 1 Skyscraper in France. These demonstrated user cases promoted MORPHOSENSE solution awareness in different market. And further, we have built up networks with our partners and stakeholder associate with the pilot sites.
Furthermore, all the live monitoring data from the pilot sites has coming to MORPHOSENSE data base. We have the ressource to develop A.I. solution, bringing extra value to our customers in the near future. Some of the results and analysis from pilots has been successfully realized in an international congress, such as 2019 Offshore wind operation & maintenance forum in Hamburg, Germany.
The V2 version system NEURON is remarkably improved original version and go beyond the state-of-the-art. It has superior performances, high-accurate and stable measurements. The overall system has updated cables and connections, fully realize plug-and-play easy-deployment. The new NEURON system setup allows full remote control and over the air system update. Those new features provide the system NEURON fully adaptation to off-shore wind energy infrastructures and oil-and-gas platforms. Our customers have confirmed the full functions benefits and realized the added value.
The further progress and expected results till the end of the project are finalizing the industrialization, obtain the ISO9001 certification, the ATEX certification and the CE marking; starting the second set of pilot sites, focusing on the offshore wind energy industry; continuously collecting data enrich data base for developing A.I.
Due to the COVID-19 impact, the MorphoSave project has been delayed until April 2021.
During this period of extension of the project, CE certifications were obtained and confirmed (early in May, 2021)
Thank to the H2020 funding and taking benefit of the industrialization finalization, this allowed Morphosense to start earlier an action of maritime certification with an ambitious objective of underwater certification of more than 100m. This certification would allow Morphosense to be one of the few companies in the world able to provide a fully integrated digital twin (from the network of sensors to operational indicators and the SCADA system) of floating and underwater structures.
Morphosense is then best positioned to help reduce the LCOE of wind energy, for example. Morphosense will also be able to apply for European Horizon Europe projects in order to demonstrate that its solution is the most relevant, thus continuing a strategy initiated with the H2020 to become the leader in the field of predictive maintenance and cost optimization on the lifespan of critical structures.
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