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Final development, clinical validation and launch preparation of NL01, an innovative health ingredient for supplements, food products and foods for special medical purposes


People want to live a long and healthy life and there is a huge demand for food products to enable this. Among consumers, the most desired health benefits in food products and supplements are ‘supports immune function’ and ‘increases resistance to infections’.

NutriLeads is a dynamic Health Ingredients company developing crop-derived food ingredients with clinically proven health benefits. With its proprietary lead ingredient NL01, having completed preclinical data and proven safety in humans, NutriLeads is on track to become the first company to launch an ingredient with an approved health claim for supporting immune function and increasing infection resistance. Targeted end-users of NL01 containing food products (dietary supplements, medical- and functional foods) are young adults, adults, elderly and patients, aiming to support their health and immune status.

Nutrileads selected a common crop from which NL01 can be isolated, a game-changer for its commercial success,and developed the isolation process for NL01 up to small scale industrial plant production. In this project, Nutrileads will perform medium scale-up of the production process to 250 kg. Nutrileads will complete the data package for NL01 with a clinical study in a relevant population with increased infection risk to support the health claims on NL01, register NL01 as ‘Novel Food’ and obtain European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) regulatory advice on registration as ‘Food for Specific Medical Purposes’.

NutriLeads will generate revenues from out-licensing NL01 to large companies in the food industry. Market leaders Abbott, Nestlé, Friesland Campina, Danone, Fresenius regularly in-licence components for inclusion in their products; Nestlé and DSM have already shown interest in Nutrileads’ products. Nutrileads works towards market entry and first deals during or directly after this project with a projected best-case cumulative revenues of €115 million in 2026, representing >46x the EC grant.

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