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Rehabilitation Hub: The World’s first Digital Recovery Therapy solution


Over 100M people in Europe suffer from chronic musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) such as rheumatoid arthritis, neck, lumbar and shoulder pain. However, the standard rehabilitation protocol is expensive and ineffective – our work in Phase 1 confirmed that the majority of rehabilitation programmes are not followed consistently and a staggering 80% of patients abandon their treatment prematurely, increasing likelihood of reinjure.
To solve this problem, Bio-Sensing Solutions has dedicated the past 3 years to developing our DyCare® ReHub tele-rehabilitation solution that offers support for diagnosis and delivers effective, personalised therapy for MSD sufferers. With our proprietary wearable sensor and intelligent algorithms, physiotherapists will, for the first time, be able to create a rehabilitation programme based on objective measurements of a patient’s muscle strength and joint movement, whilst monitoring their progress remotely, adjusting the exercises on the fly if needed.
For the patient, ReHub guides them through each custom-tailored home exercise and empowers them with real-time performance biofeedback. And, with an innovative B2B2C business model, the Physician, Physiotherapist and Patient can stay connected via an easy-to-use online platform.
We have validated our first prototype in 3 leading health centres, placing our innovation at TRL 7. ReHub has shown to reduce patient recovery time by 40%, boost rehab completion to 90% and increase health centre productivity by 60%. We aim to become leaders in the 4 B€ MSD rehabilitation market in Europe. We are requesting SME Instrument Phase 2 funding to optimise ReHub core algorithms, industrialise our hardware components and validate performance in 2 large-scale clinical studies. By 2022, we expect to sell a total of 1,239 ReHub licenses and reach 165k patients, growing our team to 26 skilled professionals and company revenues to 13.8 M€.

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