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Enabling supply chain 4.0: Iristick smart safety eyewear


Iristick develops innovative assisted reality enhanced eyewear for industrial applications. Empowering desk-less workers with wearable hands-free technology is paramount for enterprise 4.0. Currently the technology is still nascent: our competitors struggle to pack processing power into glasses, resulting in bulky products that overheat and expose the user to unhealthy radiation. Unlike our competitors that struggle to pack processing power and features into glasses, our smart glasses are designed as a peripheral add-on to the mobile device. Safety certified, they feel just like regular glasses: comfortable, light, balanced and stable, without compromising the wearer’s mobility, safety or field of view. Iristick outperforms the state of the art assisted reality smart glasses in each technical performance indicator that matters. We begin our go-to-market by disrupting the logistics and warehousing industry, where Iristick will enable 8h hands-free operation with full video streaming performance. Iristick radically reduces costs by lowering error rates and eliminating costly return and correction flows. Logistics and warehousing industry presents a great opportunity for Iristick to secure large-scale deployments. Market trends indicate the total addressable market for Iristick is about 1.21 million units in the sector by 2020, with a vast upside potential in a variety of other industrial applications. To secure the market, we already partner with the key players in this emerging ecosystem, such as application developers and integrators. Iristick technology is backed by more than €2.5 million seed investments, appraised by leading enterprises and proven in complex logistic environments. Our ambition is to become the EU leading counterpart for US smart glass manufacturers. The SMEI project is a crucial next step for accelerating our time to market. The main objective of Phase 2 is to prepare for mass scale market entry, leading to 3% penetration of our TAM by 2023.

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SME-2 - SME instrument phase 2


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