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Innovative cable car for urban transport

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - CABLESMART (Innovative cable car for urban transport)

Periodo di rendicontazione: 2018-05-01 al 2018-08-31

The demand of collective innovative and “smart” transport systems is rising steadily due to the continuous increase of urban population, which is forecasted to exceed 5 billion by 2030, and by the energy consumption of road transport systems (72% of transport’s energy). The commercialization of an innovative and sustainable transport system that outperforms current solutions can disrupt the market. CABLESMART is a sustainable and green urban transport system, which allows high mobility and better accessibility even for steeped and irregular areas. Our solution can facilitate logistics, business development and improve the quality of public transportation systems reducing traffic congestion in unprecedented ways. The main objectives to reach TRL 9 will be: 1) to improve CABLESMART components: the SMARTVEHICLE, the SMARTSTATION and the SMARTLINE, and realize them into an integrated prototype; 2) to obtain the documentation necessary for certification. We will disseminate and communicate the developments of our project to achieve market launch for CABLESMART by 2021.
Technical Plan – Work Plan Definition, including: customer pain; SoA assessment; technology description; product application, testing and validation; objectives for TRL9; work plan definition; analysis of risks.
Key partner consolidation: identification of the stakeholders to be involved during and after project execution.
Commercial and exploitation plan: including market overview; value and trends; PESTEL, market barriers and mitigation measures; legal and regulatory requirements; IPR strategy and FtO; strategy for knowledge protection; commercialization plan; exploitation, dissemination and communication strategies.
Financial feasibility, including: project financial viability; business projections and 3 possible scenarios.
In a very conservative scenario, we forecast to sell 11 units within 5 years, based on our interested end users. our progressive sales scenario, and forecast revenues increase reaching € 135M by our 5th commercialization year. We expect an accumulative turnover of € 495M by 2025, a ROI of 10.21. DIMENSIONE INGENERIE will increase its personnel by including 65 new jobs. CABLESMART market potential could reach a few € Billion/year. Analysing current PRT or similar market size ropeway’s urban applications, the potential market is € 100M/year. The impact on direct employment in short term will be 100 new jobs at least. Employment growth in the medium and long term will depend on the market share, and production integration of other parts into the company.