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Solar Energy for a Circular Economy

Risultati finali

D2.1 Process

Innovation process defined for SUNRISE

D3.2 Website & App

Project website (including intranet), smartphone/tablet App and social media tools (M2). A basic version of the website and App will be professionally designed at the beginning of the action and continuously updated and improved.

D2.2 Structure

S2S & S2B Exploitation plans and IPR consortium guidelines structured

D5.2 Symposium

Sunrise Symposium

D5.1 Midterm Review

Midterm evaluation

D4.1 Governance Plan

Proposal for the organisational structure and processes of the SUNRISE Large Scale Research Initiative.

D4.2 Terms of Reference

Terms of reference for the governance of the SUNRISE Large Scale Research Initiative

D1.3 Blueprint

Blueprint: The SUNRISE map: a public document identifying the necessary S&T resources, stateof-the-art EU facilities, available infrastructure & funding, and the criteria to make SUNRISE an open and inclusive initiative

D3.1 Dissemination Plan

Blueprint dissemination, data management and communication plan, based on key performance indicators (M6 and update M12). The initial plan will be available for midterm analysis in M6. The updated plan will include an approach to address responsible research and innovation, in particular aspects such as education, gender aspects and societal, ethical and legal implications.

D1.1 Vision

Consolidated vision: SUNRISE technical report with: (i) quantitative S&T targets on the short (2022), mid (2025) and long term (2030); (ii) definition of instruments and benchmarks to assess the impact of SUNRISE on the economy, the environment and the society; (iii) description of the technological demonstrators and their expected evolution over time, also beyond 2030 (M2).

D5.3 Final Report

Final project report

D2.3 IE Plan

Innovation and Exploitation plan fully developed and IPR consortium guidelines updated

D3.3 Resources

Dissemination and communication resources (M9). Report containing all the promotional and training resources generated (leaflets, posters, videos, newsletters, technical educational sheets, etc.) and the list of press releases. Symposium program and list of attendees

D1.2 Roadmap

Global Roadmap

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