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Translating knowledge for legume-based farming for feed and food systems.


Project website and The Legumes Hub

The project website ( will provide access to all the project’s public outputs. This will host a knowledge platform (The Legumes Hub). Content will be assured by the Executive Committee.

First video with guidance on subsequent videos

This first Video will set the standard for all subsequent Videos and the deliverable also serves as a training exercise for all in the consortium whole will produce video material.

Legume Translated Development Guide: Production constraints and opportunities

This deliverable report will comprise a Legume Translated Development Guide from the work on identifying the technical performance of cropping systems and value chains to identify constraints, including biotic risks.

Legumes Translated Develoment Guide: Viable cropping systems for competitive value chains

This deliverable report will comprise a Legume Translated Development Guide that will examine the practical experience of the Actor Groups’ as well as research reports. The compilation of economic information will allow the identification of competitive conditions and cost-effective practices. The information gathered will include a number of scenario calculations to show the scope of conditions that lead to competitive and cost-effective production for selected Actor Groups. The discrepancies between production potentials and actual practice will guide the search for barriers at farm, value chain and sector level, which is also relevant information for policy makers.

Related projects and collaboration plan

This deliverable reports on the plans for collaboration with other projects. To achieve optimum synergies with other projects, the Dissemination and Exploitation plan will include a report on related projects and collaboration plan (building on those already identified in the “National and international linkages”, starting with all partners knowledge of on-going activities. This will pay special attention to Leg-Value. Opportunities to collaborate actively with the communications activities of on-going projects will be explored through direct liasion. Emerging relevant Operational Groups will be contacted to build collaboration and mutual support, complementing those already associated with our Actor Groups.

Project Interim Report

This deliverable report will set out the progress of the project as required for reporting to the European Commission in a way that is also useful to external stakeholders.

Legumes Translated Development Guide: Compendium of Actor Group’s Knowledge Synthesis

This deliverable report will record the results of knowledge synthesis in Actor Groups. Actor Group information will be combined with information on constraints and opportunities, knowledge of biotic risks, new information and assessments from WP3 (economics) and WP4 (environment). Based on a flexible range of approaches and procedures appropriate for each Actor Group (e.g. validation of existing Actor Group information, workshops, surveys, and in-depth interviews), each AG will produce a Knowledge Synthesis setting out its cropping system and value chain activities and providing information on their development.

Legumes Translated Development Guide:Multi-criteria guidance on developing legume cropping

This deliverable report will comprise the Legumes Translated Development Guide on knowledge on environmental and biodiversity effects and on economic impacts to examine trade-offs. This will provide multi-criteria expert guidance on the validation and communication of potential alternative strategies. This uses an integrated approach to the compilation and integration of knowledge on selected environmental (nitrate leaching, nitrogen oxide emission), economic (gross margins) as well as agronomic impacts (N2-fixation, phytosanitary effects) and new indicators i.e. yield stability and biodiversity to evaluate legumes in crop rotations.

Legumes Translated development Guides: Integration of legume production at farm level

This deliverable report will comprise the Legumes Translated Development Guide on knowledge on the allocation of farm resources to different production activities, the long-term impact of legumes on productivity. If relevant, the impact of farm or locally-grown feed for livestock productivity will be compiled and validated. Actor Groups development options identified by actors will be subject to expert validation based on exemplary net benefit calculations for crop-rotations taking into account the ESS provided by legumes. Knowledge of trade-offs between short-term economic performance and ESS will be compiled in the context of decision support. Benchmarking and cost-benefit analysis of production systems will identify best practices and thresholds that will support the profitable and sustainable inclusion of legumes in Actor Groups’ farming systems.

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Organic soybean production in Switzerland

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Innoculation of soybean used

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