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Sun coupled innovative Heat pumps


Heat Pump and solar appliances are the most social accepted residential Renewable Energy based energy systems. SunHorizon will demonstrate up to TRL 7 innovative and reliable Heat Pump solutions (thermal compression, adsorption, reversible) that acting properly coupled and managed with advanced solar panels (PV, Hybrid, thermal) can provide heating and cooling to residential and tertiary building with lower emissions, energy bills and fossil fuel dependency. A Cloud based functional monitoring platform will be realised in the project to be the “performance data mine” for the development of Data Driven/KPI oriented optimized algorithms and tools to predict maintenance, optimize the management towards maximisation of solar exploitation and give to the manufacturer inputs for new installation design, via an innovative “robust design under uncertainty approach” which aims to overcome classical H&C equipment oversizing due to safety factors . This monitoring platform will also drive smart end user interfaces that will be applied at building level to collect thermal comfort data towards a new end-user driven H&C control system. SunHorizon tools will be applicable not only to proposed solar coupled HPs, but to all H&C appliances towards a global increasing efficiency of EU H&C stock and its decarbonisation. 5 low emission H&C Technology packages (TPs) will be tested coupling HP and solar installation. SunHorizon aims to be a breakthrough demonstration to market project involving 21 partners and 8 demosites all around EU focusing its activities on “reducing system costs and improving performance as well as optimising existing technologies for H&C applications”. SunHorizon will be focused on three main research pillars interacting each other towards project objectives achievement, demonstration and replication: i) OPTIMIZED DESIGN, ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING OF SUNHORIZON TECHNOLOGIES ii) SMART FUNCTIONAL MONITORING FOR H&C,iii) KPI DRIVEN MANAGEMENT AND DEMONSTRATION.

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