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Sun coupled innovative Heat pumps


SunHorizon Guidelines for TPs installation, operation and control

T65 Lessons learnt from demonstration activites to refine operational WP4 and control strategies WP5 and installation procedures WP3

SunHorizon Positioning Paper and Policy document

T83 Lessons learnt from the project towards SunHorizon outcomes promotion via dedicated policy and supporting schemes

SunHorizon Technologies benefit impact in terms of emissions

T71 Preliminary emission saving analysis of SunHorizon TPs if compared with fossil based HC systems

KPIs assessment based methodology

T 2.3 – Definition of a monitoring architecture and specific KPIs to evaluate the project demonstration according to general SunHorizon objectives and local demos objectives

Pre-Feasibility Replication studies

T73 Preliminary design and installation plans for potential replication of SunHorizon technologies in new sites and if possible countries

First Stakeholders’ vision document

T8.2 – Collection of outcomes of Stakeholders’ group activities (events, questionnaires…) towards SunHorizon replication

Dissemination and Stakeholders’ engagement Plan

T 8.1 – Report describing how the project will be disseminate (to who, with which means/channels) and how stakeholders will be engaged in project activities

Thermal comfort end-user interface

T 5.2 – Report about the description of a smart end user interface for the control of thermal comfort for low temperature H&C systems such as solar panel and HPs

Second Report on SunHorizon monitoring activities

T 64 Report about first 12 months demonstration activities according to local demosites and general project KPIs

Final Report on SunHorizon monitoring activities

T 64 Report about the full demonstration period according to local demosites and general project KPIs

Report on dissemination and communication activities

T8.1 – Report on D&C activities performed in the first half of the project and update of D&C plan (also for PUDF redaction in WP7)

E-Handbook with guidelines for integration of SunHorizon solutions in public and private, tertiary and residential buildings

T73 Lessons learnt from the whole project WP345 for future replication of SunHorizon outcomes

SunHorizon Technologies Catalogue

T 3.7– Technical datasheet of all optimized SunHorizon Technologies and TPs

Report on baseline and boundary conditions of SunHorizon demo sites, including monitoring aspects

T 6.1 – Description of the baseline H&C and energy performances of the demo buildings including the analysis of current and needed monitoring

SunHorizon Technologies social and market acceptance

T7.1 – Analysis of the current level of acceptance and social awareness of innovative solar and HP technologies, focusin on SunHorizon technologies

Final Stakeholders' vision document

T82 Collection of outcomes of Stakeholders group activities events questionnaires towards SunHorizon replication Final vision for replication and policy promotion

SunHorizon Promotion for Municipalities towards SEAP objectives achievement

T83 Report about how SunHorizon TPs promotion in public buildings can encourage the achievement of SEAP targets

Mapping of solar resource and building demand for SunHorizon implementation

T 2.2 – Algorithms and models to evaluate local H&C demand and solar potential to promote SUN HORIZON replication

SunHorizon Data Management Plan

T 1.1 – Report describing how data will be managed in the project in order to guarantee wide dissemination and open access to project results avoiding any ethical issue

First Report on SunHorizon monitoring activities

T 6.4 -– Report about first 6 months demonstration activities according to local demosites and general project KPIs

Macro-market analysis, value chain and conceptual business model definition

T 2.2 – Market analysis of both competitor and value chain suppliers of SunHorizon TPs and technologies to study business models for future replication

SunHorizon Integrated Tool Manual

T 45 Manual for an effective monitoring of HC systems monitoring data handling and SunHorizon integrated tool exploitation

Control platform modules integration and validation

T56 Final release of Data Driven SunHorizon predictive controller for optimized management of HC technologies and its validation via SunHorizon TPs monitoring results

Prediction models and demand characterization

T 5.1 – Algorithms and models to forecast local demand and predict generation profile

Public Website and Social Media profile Setup

T 8.1 Launch of the official project website (Report describing social media profiles and website setup, structure and functionalities)

First project video

T8.1 - Project promotional video

SunHorizon Leaflet and Poster

T 8.1 Preparation of project printable dissemination material (Report describing social media profiles and website setup, structure and functionalities)



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Parametric simulation of a solar-coupled heat pump system

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What is stopping low-carbon buildings? A global review of enablers and barriers

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Analysis of the Potential of Solar-Assisted Heat Pumps: Technical, Market, and Social Acceptance Aspects

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Positive climate and health impacts from upscaled use of heat pumps and solar panels in technology packages in EU-27 by 2050

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Social and market acceptance of photovoltaic panels and heat pumps in Europe: A literature review and survey

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Model predictive control of sun-coupled innovative heat pumps: a comparison of economic and environmental optimizations

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