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Technologies for geothermal to enhance competitiveness in smart and flexible operation

Risultati finali

Report on preliminary design of HX including materials compatibility investigation

As part of task 43 this deliverable will report on the creation of the initial design of a heat exchanger with capability to cool the brine to a temperature of around 50C

Report on design and building of retention tank

As part task 45 this report will describe the designing and building of retention tank The antiscaling coatings applied for the heat exchanger will also be applied during to the retention tank

Modeling of scaling potential of geofluid

As part of task 4.1, this deliverable will report on the mathematical modelling of silica scaling potential. The model will be tested and validated.

Heat exchanger design trial report

As part of task 23 this deliverable will report on the modelling of TES systems Inputs from PG GmbH and ZORLU will be required to correctly represent the flexibility needs and other components of the plant as boundary conditions of the model

Correct material choices documented for demo sites

As part of task 21 the deliverable will report on the screening of material options at relevant usage temperature for GeoSmart application

Updated End user spec & documnet agreed with users, including KPIs for two case study sites

Updated End user spec document agreed with users including KPIs for two case study sites

End user spec & documnet agreed with users, including KPIs for two case study sites

This report will include KPIs identified, under task 1.1, to evaluate the functionalities of the GeoSmart systems. It will also outline the needs and constraints of the users.

Energy storage system design schematics

As part of task 22 this deliverable will report on the preliminary designs of the storage systems for each GeoSmart deployment case The designs will be based on heat source temperature pressure flow rate etc and end user requirements capacity temperature ranges heat transfer rates

Flow assurance simulator implementation of new geofluid models

As part of task 51 this deliverable reports on integration of geofluid modelling into FA simulator This geochemistry modelling will be enhanced by implementation of the scaling induction period models developed in WP4

Advisory committee formally recruited and briefed

As part of task 9.1, an advisory board will be recruited.

Project Website

As part of task 9.6, a project website will be launched.


Development and Analysis of the Novel Hybridization of a Single Flash Geothermal Power Plant with Biomass Driven sCO2-steam Rankine Combined Cycle

Autori: Balkan Mutlu; Derek Baker; Feyza Kazanç
Pubblicato in: Entropy, Numero 1, 2021, ISSN 1099-4300
Editore: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
DOI: 10.20944/preprints202105.0542.v1

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