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Beatik- Collaborative Digital Scores Platform for Classical Music


Sheet music publishers have, for years, operated a business whose added value is principally printing and selling paper; 95% of classic music being out of copyright and free to be distributed by anyone.
BEATIK is a 100% paperless solution for the use and distribution of music scores. Beyond simply representing the written music on a screen, the BEATIK app features our unmatched score-following and auto-scroll technology, and includes a host of other innovative tools for interactions between musicians working together in large groups. BEATIK will provide an integrated platform and eco-system to help all musicians and the institutions they belong to, such as orchestras, conservatoires and music schools, from performance preparation to sharing annotations and score distribution. This will greatly reduce the quantity of paper used in distributing sheet music, its storage and transportation, the cost of which currently average up to €150k annually / music institution. Our solution will considerable savings for organisations with many musicians, providing a tool to supersede paper scores and the limited digital scores solutions currently on the market. We forecast sales of €7.75M in year 3, with annual profit of 5.02 (EBITDA). After €1.07 million total investment, we estimate a Return on Investment (ROI) of 7.24 three years after the completion of this Phase 2 project.
RevInClassic was established in September 2015 with the purpose of bringing digital tools into the realm of how classical musicians prepare and perform, by revolutionising their interactions with written music and managing their scores. The result is BEATIK. The RevInClassic team is a mixture of musicians, engineers and entrepreneurs, and have a close interaction with the orchestra of Spain’s premier opera house, Teatro Real de Madrid.

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