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Re-Thinking of Fashion in Research and Artist collaborating development for Urban Manufacturing

Project description

New eco-innovative process in fashion

The amount of waste and pollution produced by our fashion industry is worrying. The EU-funded REFREAM project will mobilise art institutions, designers, scientists, industry, technology and end users to explore and shape new, viable, technology-driven and human-centred processes of manufacturing in the fashion industry. The research in three scientific hubs (Linz, Valencia and Berlin) will focus on the future of urban manufacturing of fashion by using additive manufacturing (3D printing), electronic and textiles, and eco-innovative finishing together with social and environmental values as a base for a new value chain for the industry. The work will give way to novel ideas and aesthetics, enabling the promotion of urban manufacturing in European cities.


Re-FREAM will support art-driven innovation in European R&I projects by inclusion of artists in research consortia via linked third-parties with strong support from art-related partners like the Art University of Linz (UFG) and the European Institute of Design (IED), creative hubs and facilitators like Wear-IT Berlin (FashionTech), AITEX, ARCA and Creative Region combined with remarkable technology from IZM Fraunhofer (E-textiles) Stratasys, Haratech (3D-printing), EMPA (3D bodyshaping), Care applications (Garement nebulization) and Profactor (Additive manufacturing). STARTS lighthouse pilot for “art-inspired urban manufacturing of fashion” will engage industry, technology, end-users and artists in a broad artistic exploration of technologies with the aim of creating a new urban manufacturing value chain for Fashion production The Art/ Tech Co. Research will be initiated by an European wide open call for artists answering specific challenges in “Additive Manufacturing” “Electronic and Textiles” and “Sustainable Finishing of Fashion” and will be explored in 3 identical research hubs providing access to high end technology, material, know how and facilities and interconnected through common research activities. In co-creation processes of 20 awarded Artist/ Researcher teams, digitalized manufacturing of fashion will be developed up to TRL 5 to enable small-scale production of fashion in urban environment in an co. creation process. Out of this developed RE- FREAM technologies, Urban Manufacturing in Europe will be made possible in European cities with customized design creation (IED), small scale production hubs (HAR, CAR and IZM linked with the Berlin Maker Space Labs. CRE, WIB and ARC will facilitate cooperation and knowledge transfer between both worlds. An Open-Innovation Platform will finally link the know how and the communities of the hubs, will offer access to relevant facilities and make the RE-FREAM art-inspired urban manufacturing working model sustainable

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