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hey!Education: Breaking Classroom Communication Barriers


Researchers, educators and learners themselves acknowledge that ICT properly integrated into the learning process enables and fosters academic success. However, the proper implementation of ICT for educational purposes is not an easy task, and requires that barriers such as monitoring learner’s devices, assessing the use of ICT, lack of educator’s digital competences and budget restriction be overcome.
Hey!Education is an innovative solution to these challenges. Our educational platform is a real time two-way communication channel between the learners and the educator that enables the latter to seamlessly monitor the learner’s devices at a glance. In addition, it is a complete educational suite by which the educator can organize and impart his or her lesson with the help of polls, quizzes and games. It can also be used to stay in contact with parents, send homework and work in collaborative projects, all through our platform. Nevertheless, Hey!Education is lightweight on school resources such as bandwith and easy to use by unconfident educators with reduced digital competences. All the data generated with the use of our platform, such as assessments results, device use statistics, etc., can be accessed by the educators, learning institutions or decision makers to assess current strategies and develop future ones.
The global Smart Education and Learning market is expected to witness a tremendous growth, reaching €474 billion by 2021. Our internationalization strategy starts from Spain, where Crambo is based, and spreads over Europe and Latin America where we have a network of potential clients as well as distributors interested in our platform. We have estimated our Maximum Addressable Market to be almost €9 billion during the first 4 years of business, out of which we aim at capturing over €44 million by our fourth year of commercialization.

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