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OUTLIVE: a disruptive non-invasive ultrasound therapy to treat all patients affected with aortic stenosis.

Risultati finali

OUTLIFE’s web site / leaflets

- Project web site, blog creation and regular update along with active communication and social media traffic (c.f. 2.5 Communication and dissemination). - Preparation and wide distribution of project’s informative materials to promote obtained results and key achievements (corporate and sales leaflets and posters, videos, social network, etc.).

Detailed communication action plan

- Publish in high impact peer-review scientific and medical journals (for scientific and clinical reputation) such as JACC: Basic to Translational Science or Archives of Cardiovascular Diseases Supplements - Participate in scientific and medical conferences such as the Focused Ultrasound Foundation (FUS Foundation), the Heart Valve Society Conference, the Interventional Cardiology conference.

List of publications and conference appearance

Patient awareness of the existence of an alternative to existing treatments Promotion through dedicated seminars and customer sites to introduce Valvosoft treatment Support meetings with stakeholders from potential investors to prepare next investments to decision makers to influence policies and best clinical practices H2020 program support activities to prepare Valvosoft launch Networking events and press relations



Autori: D. Suarez Escudero, M. Tanter, M. Pernot
Pubblicato in: 2019
Editore: International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound

A new therapeutic device for transthoracic treatment of calcified aortic stenosis

Autori: M. Pernot, M. C. Rémond, R. Penot, D. Ladarré, Philippe Mateo, N. Ialy-Radio, D. Suarez, Guillaume Goudot, Wojciech Kwiecinski, Michael Vion, F. Betting, Aurélien Corbel, Ana Fouquier, Sergio Cammarata, Eric Noël, Zahir Larabi, M. Tanter, E. Messas
Pubblicato in: 2019
Editore: International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound

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