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Aerodynamic upgrade of Surface Air Cooled Oil Cooler (SACOC)

Project description

Making sure a hot new aeroengine stays cool

There are many ways to move an aeroplane through the air. Most modern aeroplanes use turbofan engines to generate propulsion because of their high thrust and good fuel efficiency. With air traffic increasing, decreasing emissions is becoming an increasingly important focus of research and development. One way to do that is with the ultra-high bypass ratio engine technology under development by the EU for its geared turbofan engines. Not only does it increase efficiency and decrease fuel consumption and emissions, it also reduces noise. To make sure those engines stay cool, the EU-funded SACOC project will develop and validate software tools to evaluate innovative heat exchanger concepts.


The next generation of Geared Turbofan, like the UHBR concept, requires larger heat exchangers to dissipate the heat generated in operation. The main aims of this project are:
- to develop a predictive numerical methodology to assess the performance of any new air heat exchanger concept. The methodology will be validated against an experimental database to be acquired in this project.
- to evaluate numerically but also experimentally new concepts like SACOC without fins to improve the current SACOC technology, resulting from the better understanding of physical phenomena.


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€ 311 656,25
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