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Secure Intelligent Methods for Advanced RecoGnition of malware and stegomalware

Project description

Uncovering the threats to cybersecurity

The more personal data we put online and the more connected we become, the more likely we are to fall victim to some form of cybercrime or cyberattack. This can include computer virus attacks, non-cash payment fraud and the dissemination of online sexual material. Efforts to boost cybersecurity are crucial to prevent, detect, respond and recover. The EU-funded SIMARGL project will focus on stegomalware – the practice of concealing a file, message, image or video within another file, message, image or video – and the use of other information hiding techniques. The goal is to effectively detect future attacks.


With the prevailing risk of cybersecurity breaches, improving the cyber security posture and detection algorithms is of utmost importance. Malware is now recognized as the severe threat for commercial and critical IT systems (e.g. financial sector) , but also for citizens (e.g. mobile malware). Still, currently malware is well understood and can be tackled reasonably well. What is becoming more problematic, is the stegomalware and the use of the information hiding techniques by cyber criminals. And here comes SIMARGL: our goal is to focus on this emerging future threat and to significantly improve malware and stegomalware detection. Currently, cyber criminals use quite simple information hiding techniques, but they learn and improve quickly. Our consortium believes that we cannot stay many steps behind, but provide relevant techniques to be prepared for the future attacks and stegomalwre. SIMARGL consortium does not start from scratch (current solutions are described in the proposal) and it features relevant partners, expertise and links to fulfil the project goals.

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