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Investigating the Role of Attention in Reading

Project description

The link between visuospatial attention and reading

Reading is a complex cognitive process that involves conscious mental activities. It involves the decoding of symbols to derive meaning and requires memory, concentration and attention. The EU-funded ROAR project is taking an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the role of attention in the reading process. It will investigate how attention is distributed across the visual field during reading, and how it is used to decipher incoming linguistic information. ROAR will use electro-encephalography and eye-tracking techniques. It will also test a newly developed reading interface that facilitates word recognition by reducing interference from surrounding words. The findings of the research will assist in addressing reading disorders such as dyslexia.


Net EU contribution
€ 175 572,48
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

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West-Nederland Noord-Holland Groot-Amsterdam
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Non-EU contribution
€ 0,00